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Flexible data acquisition

Whatever you want to monitor in production (ovens, mixers, tanks or plants), our software package MCPS provides a lot of capabilities to measure, visualize and evaluate the data. By integration of different measurement devices like recorders, dataloggers, intelligent clamps, sensors, powermeters, plcs or even infrared cameras you have a lot of combinations to solve your application. Open drivers as Modbus or OPC allow you to connect to nearly every device or system to get data from or to transmit data to.

Monitoring and administration of batch processes

A lot of production processes are limited in time and required specific input information before each new start. These processes are called batches. Batch specific information like serial or order number, customer, controller value and so on can be entered in MCPS and are saved with the batch file. This is important for quality assurance. To have a quick data review, you can search in MCPS for the batch parameters to find exactly the batch file you need.

Simple configuration

The measurement solutions are NOT designed or programmed in MCPS. They are just configured. This makes it easy for non programmers or non technicians to setup a measurement application. In many cases the classic SCADA systems are overpowered and to complex to handle. In several custom application MCPS is used in addition to a SCADA system, because of easier and faster handling. Nevertheless it is possible with MCPS to fulfill more complex requirements for example a data acquisition with more than 1000 channels or more than 100 devices.