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MCPS conforms to 21CFR11 and is used in many pharmaceutical companies worldwide (Boehringer, Pfizer, Roche, Novartis, Sanofy-Aventis). CAD Computer has been audited several times (always successfully) by different customers. MCPS applications has also been inspected by the FDA.

Clean room- and storage monitoring

These are typical MCPS applications. Permanent data acquisition of temperatures, humidity, pressures, door contacts and much more. MCPS supports digital sensors from different manufacturers to measure temperature and humidity without analog dataloggers. Specific computations as MKT (Mean kinetic temperature) are possible.

Sterilization processes

For a successful sterilization the temperature must be about a certain value for a defined time. For these applications the F-value is often used to easily determine the end of the sterilization. MCPS supports this computation and in addition delivers the time the f-value is greater than zero.


Another application is the temperature monitoring of refrigerators. Problematically is, that often an alarm is generated even someone just opens the door to take something out or put it back. In this case MCPS can block the alarm for a while (e.g. 15 minutes), if a door contact was opened. If the temperature is out of range after this time period (door still open), the alarm occurs.

More existing applications

Incubators, Clean water, Blood banks, Cryo banks, etc.