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Integration of customer requirements

MCPS is in general a standard data acquisition program. Around MCPS there are two possibilities to adapt it to custom specific applications:
a) With specific scripts a lot of requirements can be solved especially for evaluations and reports
b) CAD Computer can develop software expansions, which are loaded by MCPS similar to plug-ins to increase the functionallity.


A customer wanted to see the data values on large 7 segment LED displays. Since the displays could only show one channel, the values should rotate every 2 seconds. Depending on a digital input signal the rotation should by stopped by user or started again. CAD Computer developed an additional software module (as a DLL), which is loaded by MCPS as startup. After a scan is completed MCPS transfers the channel values to the DLL. The custom DLL handles the communication to the displays and sends the data in a proper format. This feature was implemented for four independent measurements and displays at the same time.